I was born in Koper, Slovenia and have lived in more than ten different places since (shop - click). I am currently based in Karlovac, Croatia. I am an educated photographer, writer and a regular contributor to many Croatian and foreign, worldwide magazines. I am a freelancer. I caught my first fish when I was three years old, got badly addicted and “affair” actually never ended. In fact, it became an obsession. I will deal with any pain or hunger but I could not deal with not being able to wander the waters. Right, it is that bad. Merging fly fishing and photography was the most wonderful thing and I believe this adventure will last as long as I am alive. Whether it is a fish, an interesting detail or a certain moment that may never happen again, when it comes to waters and fly fishing, I am always easily fascinated and having the camera along is just the right way to express that.

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